What is Ask Health MD?

AskHealthMD has an interesting story behind its startup. Dr. Sareer Khalil is the main author of this site. During his house job days at Lady Reading Hospital
Peshawar, he became friends with a tech savy fellow Dr. Shafiullah Khan at Khyber Teaching Hospital. He introduced him to the concept of online health
education and shared valuable information on how to approach this field. Dr. Khalil worked as a certified medical expert for 2 years on multiple health websites and built an online reputation by diligently addressing complex
medical and health related issues of a wide variety of patients across the globe. The vast interaction with patients online and in person in a hospital setting,
generated an idea to compile this information in the form of a compact and organized website that reflects the knowledge gained with these experiences.

AskHealthMD contains informative and useful articles that are related to medical education and public health. Its basically aims to address the health related issues and queries that arise in the mind of the general public. AskHealthMD has adopted a problem solving approach so that it can provide the necessary information and tools required by the reader to make better and informed decisions with respect to his/her/ health.
The website has basically 2 aims.
1) Educate the general public regarding health related issues in the simplest way possible
2) Share with fellow physicians, the latest trends and advances in medicine.

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